Turn heads with landscape brochures

A picture is worth a thousand words – and what better way to showcase your work than a landscape brochure?

Being our product of the month, available in A4 and DL sizes, in both saddle stitched and perfect bound binding options, we looked into the many and multiple usages of landscape brochures to help you decide if it’s the right option for your business.

As a marketing tool

When showcasing your product, concept or design, a landscape brochure will pack a punch with its visual and luxurious stance. For property developers and estate agents, this style helps demonstrate what your project looks like, and makes your properties stand out with an impact – always very important in a competitive and expensive market. The larger and more obvious the image, the more room there is to show off the space you’re pitching.

As a visual tool

Because landscape brochures are perfect for pictures, they suit businesses that thrive on look and feel. For the hospitality industry, including hotels, spas and holiday companies, being able to express the beauty of your accommodation, product, service or destination is very important. Landscape orientation allows for more composition options and just more room for images in general, consequently demonstrating a real sense of splendour of your business.

As a retail guide

Catalogues, programmes, brochures, guides; whatever you call them, these formats need strong images and a quality feel to get noticed and not be thrown out. One way to make your catalogue call out to customers is by flipping it onto its side, thus standing out from the crowd. For fashion retailers, florists, homeware stockists etc., you want to create a look book that leaves a lasting impact, so much so that the customer saves it as a keepsake, much like a glossy magazine. For this format, we’d suggest going with perfect bound binding which suits thick, high-quality documents with 20-240 pages.

As a portfolio 

If you need a style equipped to get your work noticed, for either a job or presentation, then this orientation over portrait is preferential. Perfect for photographers, illustrators, stationers, designers and artists; landscape brochures express your creativity with maximum self-promotion. We’d recommend for smaller documents of 8-40 pages to go with a saddle stitch binding method as a mini showcase of your shots and innovations.


Landscape brochures are now available in A4 size, perfect for large scale print and big imagery, and also DL size, which is a great option for smaller product catalogues, brochures, colour charts, wallpaper designs or showing jewellery ranges. As mentioned, you can also choose between saddle stitched or perfect bound binding.

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