Mapping your creative journey with Kerry Lemon & Arrest All Mimics

Illustrator and creative professional Kerry Lemon tells Ben Tallon all about how she mapped her creative journey, and how ambition can take you anywhere you wish. Ben tells us why he chatted with Kerry:

“Kerry Lemon is a hugely inspiring example of just how much can be achieved, on your own terms with the correct balance of self-belief, drive, hard work, smart decision making and vision. With an unconventional route into the business, Kerry forges her own path, making smart moves to realise her ideas and project plans.

“We discuss how a former planned teaching career just did not feel right and after returning to drawing, Kerry used the urgency she felt to start picking up work before a constant evolution process began and shows no signs of abating. Kerry Lemon is charming, inspiring and driven, making it easy to see why she’s building such a reputation in the arts!

“Now working on a mural in Japan whilst designing a block of flats in UK, this lady can teach us a lot about the power we have over our own creative destiny.”



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